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Fourth Match Musings
by posted 10/23/2021

Thanks for everyone who made it out to our fourth match!  Thankfully, we had 7 boys, so we were able to field a full 6 man rotation.  I was really proud of the way the boys came from behind to make the second game very competitive.  Their opponents, the Purple team had only lost 2 games all season (1 of which was to us).  The overhead barrier continues to be an issue, but our boys did their best trying to adjust.  

Hendrik - Thanks for making it to the game.  Your presence definitely helped the team, as you served the most consistently today, helping the team build critical momentum in the second game. 

Josh -Thanks for making it to the game, despite having other commitments.  Your presence helped the team.  You had some nice serves and passes.  

Colin - Several nice passes and a critical serve in the second game to bring us to 23-24.  

Rory - Excellent defensive block/spike to prevent the opposition from winning a 2 point conversion!

Edwin - Great movement and passes.  I especially liked the movement and adjustment when the serve came to you 3 times in a row. 

Eric - Continued great serving and good passes.

Joan- Improved stiffened hand on your overhead serves; Great job tracking the balls off the ceiling on second an third balls.

This week, we will work on the consistency of our serves, improving our ball toss and working on or forward trajectory to avoid hitting it into the middle barrier.  We can also work on rolling hits from the back row on free balls.  Let's make a push for our last 2 games of the season before playoffs!


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Game Today @ 3pm
by posted 10/23/2021

Hi, this is just a reminder that we have a game at Haycock @ 3pm today. 

I know that Hendrick, Alec, Luke, and Max won't be able to make it. 

Hopefully everyone else can make it so we can field a 6 man roster.  See you then. 



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Great Third Match!
by posted 10/16/2021

I am very proud of the way our players and coaches conducted themselves today!  There were a lot of positive take-aways.  First, our team has stayed competitive with all the other teams this season.  Second, there was a noticeable improvement in our short and medium ball serve receptions.  We also did a better job of getting our hands on the ball and avoided letting the ball drop untouched.   Here are some individual accomplishments to be proud of:


Joan - Improved weight shift on serves

Rory- Massive front row middle block!  Continue to stay aggressive!

Colin - Great defensive pass from the front row

Alec- Beautiful overhead jump serves with full extenion, hitting the ball at the height of your toss

Edwin - Edwin had the two most beautiful passes of the match!  Keep up the good work!

Josh - Continued reliable and consistent underhand serves; really helps build momentum for the team!

Max - Another athletic one-handed second ball up to help us successfully execute a 3 ball attack!

Eric - Most improved serve!  Great job Eric!

This week we will continue to work on movement to receive serves that fall in the dead zone between the front and back rows.  We will also work on 3 ball attacks out of the front row and learn how to handle free balls.  



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Game @ Haycock
by posted 10/15/2021

Please note that tomorrow's match @ 10 am is at Haycock Elementary School.   See you @ practice @ 6pm @ Churchill, with pick up @ 7:20pm.   Thanks!


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Fantastic Second Match!
by posted 10/11/2021

I'm really proud of the way our boys performed in our second match, that they won 3-0.  There were contributions from all team members, and many moments for us to collectively take joy in.  We also had not one, but TWO three ball attacks!  Here are some individual highlights:
Joan- The team nominated Joan to be team captain, and he demonstrated excellent leadership on the court, with several controlled passes and key composed free ball plays when his team needed him most. 
Max- Continues to athletically track the ball, with great instincts on free balls; Max "put the nail in the coffin" by spiking a 3-ball attack to help us take the first game. 
Edwin- Good overhand serves and movement to get hands on the ball.
Josh- Very consistent underhand serves that secured several points for the team; I don't think you missed a serve!
Hendrick- Good underhand serves and continued improvement on your passes.
Luke- Nice controlled passes; Nice job setting the ball over to complete a successful 3-ball attack.  Luke has also demonstrated excellent teamwork in vocally supporting his teammates.
Colin- Down 21-24 in the second game, Colin came through with three aces in a row, refusing to succumb to the pressure of the moment.  
Alec- Clutch game-winning serve to decisively capture the second game!
Rory- Excellent controlled passes and improved consistency on your overhead serves.  Rory also had a killer front row spike!  
All in all, a great match that we should all be proud of.  This week, we will continue to work on serve receive positioning and movement, as well as defense positioning and movement.  

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